In the fresh natural space of the poetic Han River, the leaves swinging along each light breeze bring cool mist, the wall of trees is big enough for us to feel the cool atmosphere when walking. coming in with modern and cozy sitting corners that bring a sense of friendliness and nostalgia … That’s the unique feature of The Leaf Drinks, a coffee-milk tea shop located on Bach Dang Street, the bustling street. the most land in Da Thanh.

Step into the restaurant, a space between modern design décor and a natural space by the wooden chair looks very close and creative, combined with the cool green wall in the heart of the house. Street, you seem to leave the daily worries, enter the familiar dreaming place. From the reminder of the close, dear space, to the modern beauty, full of nature, far away from the scorching scorching heat of the Central region or cold pouring rains outside the shop’s door. , it is the enthusiasm that continues the idea that the owner has built The Leaf Drinks with both passion and enthusiasm.

Because of that, the decoration and arrangement in every corner of the shop brings a friendly feeling. From antique pottery pots on exquisite shelves to decorative paintings on every corner of the wall and body; From the graceful vines curling on the balcony to the fresh beauty of so many blooming flowers, … all seem to have gathered and painted a beautiful landscape picture with the main color as deep. Warm and the highlight is the artifact, though ancient, though modern, but bring a lot of life meaning. A place to bring personal ideas or close friendliness for young guests.

If you prefer quiet, work exchange, then on the first floor of the restaurant is appropriate. The space here is cozy, the music is soft enough to hear, the soft sofas are very eye-catching decoration. In the evening, The Leaf Drinks becomes shimmering, fanciful in the light golden light of many decorative lights, blending in the deep melody of love songs along the years will be the ideal place for those who want Relax, travel and forget about the obstacles of life.

For a long time, drinking coffee has become one of the elegant pleasures in the busy daily life. Over the centuries, coffee has still stimulated you to stay awake, no matter what horizon you’re sitting on. The Leaf Drinks not only brings clean, pure coffee but also gives you breakthrough creations through the way of mixing coffee dishes so that they become more modern but still bold. From creative coffee mugs or creative Capuchino cups to Coconut Coffee, Foammilk … all bring you different and memorable experiences by the talent and enthusiasm of the barista. , the diligent enthusiasm of the staff … That’s what The Leaf Drinks wants to bring to you.

Milk tea is a drink that everyone loves especially young people. Because milk tea is very sweet, aromatic, delicious, easy to drink and affordable to use in any situation. However, the Taiwan pearl milk tea market is now saturated. However, The Leaf Drinks has seized this opportunity to create a continuous effort to introduce the best milk tea products to customers. That’s what the creators of The Leaf Drinks want, in addition to clean materials, clear origin, the bartender’s ability to transform has created many perfect values ​​through cups of tea. milk brought to you.

We won’t find this exquisite and refreshing milk tea at The Leaf Drinks. Tea flavor is still clear in every sip of sweet, ecstatic. White pearls, cacao, matcha … lots of flavors that inspire happiness! Although just a side dish, milkfoam milk foam is the thing that makes many people stand still when they think of The Leaf Drinks. This salty, fatty salty cream is incredibly hard to resist. Combine more white pearl or black pearl is the true meaning “spread fire”! Usually people still order black tea and green tea The Leaf Drinks then add milkfoam and pearls.


Choose a great location, a space full of emotions, service and very good quality – these are the comments about The Leaf Drink – milk tea cafe on the Han River from the opening day. Truong.


You can freely choose for yourself a seat with airy open space overlooking the poetic Han River and the Dragon Bridge symbolizing Da Thanh land or a small cozy corner private or choose for your group. Ideal gathering place to “8” together after tired hours of work and study. Depending on your emotions, you can choose a satisfactory seat, above all great, to join in nature or either noisy or deposited. All of this can be found at The Leaf Drink